Yes. A squash court with interactiveSQUASH functionality has the same size and dimensions as a regular squash court.

Yes. Players require no special equipment to get the best experience.

Many people have asked if the image on the front is from an embedded screen or The image you see on the front wall of an interactiveSQUASH court is a projected image. The source is a ceiling-mounted projector. The system uses the very latest generation of Panasonic laser-diode projectors to produce a clear, crisp image even in the bright lighting conditions required by squash courts. Unlike regular LED projectors, they are practically maintenance-free.

Yes, the interactiveSQUASH system is a turnkey upgrade which integrates with (nearly) any existing squash courts. If you are interested in upgrading please contact our sales team.

interactiveSQUASH is sold as an all-in-one package. One purchase secures you all the hardware required to get started.

No. interactiveSQUASH is a fixed installation.

Upgrading to interactiveSQUASH can take as little as 48 hours, depending on the circumstances and condition of the court in question.

Yes. To receive the latest content and updates, the interactiveSQUASH system must be have an active internet connection.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for an interactiveSQUASH system, please get in touch with our sales team.

The interactiveSQUASH set up can be handled by our installation team or even by court operators with the help of an electrician following our installation guide.

Yes, the court operator needs to perform the following tasks as a prerequisite at their cost (approximately 1000€ – 5000€ depending on location and client requirements) to ensure successful installation: Lighting – The front light of the squash court needs to receive a separate power source. This will then in turn be switched off to elevate player experience with projection on the front wall. Structural support mounting plate needs to be mounted onto the ceiling to hold the console with a projector. (Mounting plate will be sent by us after order confirmation). Paint the front wall with the specialised paint that we send after order confirmation. Provide power outlet and internet connection to location of mounting plate. Prepare 50mm inner diameter cable duct/conduit in front wall to connect tin with sensor bar. Run main cable from console to bottom tins through conduit and camera cable. Rear camera support – a few courts may need a bracket to hold the camera, if your court infrastructure supports the installation of the camera, then no need not worry about extra costs. *Additional costs may occur depending on your court requirements. Please get in touch with our representative to find best options for you and your court. Our installation and production team will support you during the complete process.

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