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When your attendees don’t just see a brand, but have an experience with one, that’s a powerful thing. An interactive installation like MultiBall allows sponsors and brands to interact with attendees in ways they couldn’t otherwise. Attendees submerse deeper in brand experiences by playing games and learn to know products.

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Sponsoring Activation

Provide your clients a unique game experience and interact with your brand and products. We design your own customised games with brand visuals, products according to your CI. Our Game Development is happy to hear about your ideas.

Content Creation

People love to play, and they will happily spend time at your retail space to do it. Remember the “Ice cream Truck Effect”? Once somebody starts to play, the crowd will grow and attract more and more people. A full house in your store looks good on your online plattforms.

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Sales Promotion

Make use of the traffic and sample vouchers for your store, ask your customers for newsletter sign ups, or simply generate awareness of your newest products and get yout customers to interact with them.

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MultiBall merges sport with technology to solve our current inactivity crisis.

Prof. Fiona Bull MBE PhD, Msc.
President, International Society for Physical Activity
and Health / Expert consultant
World Health Organization

When I was young we hit balls against a concrete wall for hours. Today we live in a digital age and with interactive training tools like MultiBall, we are able to create lots of fun and excitement whilst improving tennis skills and more especially for kids.

Patrik Kühnen
Former Tennis Pro
Davis Cup Coach and Champion

MultiBall system provides us with a platform to mix real football and tennis drills with digital gaming and a practice enhancements unlike any other system. MultiBall addresses the individual requirement of every sport type in a fun and effective way.

Mani Vaghedi
CEO and Founder

MultiBall is a big hit with the kids but so far the biggest fan has been a 75 year old client. We put her on it a few weeks ago and she had a great time! She absolutely loves it and always wants to go back to playing on it. We also use it for crossfit in group training sessions. We don't rotate stations till someone has won at the darts game.

Karrie Griffiths
Director of Spa, Fitness and Wellness
Williams Island Club

I find MultiBall to be the most logical connection between the real and virtual worlds of all ball sports. This is a link I feel tennis really needs as a grassroots efforts and tennis gamification is a need for innovation.

Alexander Johansson
Tennis Techie

The MultiBall wall has exceeded the expectations of every parent who watched their child use it. They were a bit hesitant at first, but it was nice to see them run, jump around and have fun.

Dallas Aleman
Tawpath Tennis Center

Before we installed MultiBall, we had mostly kids in the Sports Hall playing hockey, football and basketball for a limited time. But now there are entire families playing together all day on the MultiBall system, including the kids, parents and even grandparents.

Kids and Youth Coordinators
Hotel STOCK resort

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