Sports in the Digital Age: Get the Abs with the Apps

The digital age started in the 1970’s, with personal computers, data and information transfer systems, and other advancements in technology. It’s been over 50 years, but we’re still only at its beginning.

It is undeniable that the technology of this age has helped immeasurably: increasing efficiency in production and manufacturing, facilitating communication, sharing information and ideas, developing vaccines at an unprecedented pace, only to name a few. In fact, when you look around you, you will find plenty of inventions (software or hardware) that emerged in the last 50 years. What’s more, you probably use them on a daily basis.

Matus Horak
Founder and Managing Partner

Sports Technology

We’ve reached a point where it is difficult to escape the grasp of technological advancement. Thus, there is only one thing we can do: use it for our (common and personal) good. Many industries, businesses, and individuals have adapted this mantra. The sports industry is no different.

In fact, the sports technology market is projected to reach $40.22 billion by 2028. In part, the Covid-19 Pandemic accelerated this development, as it forced sports fanatics to… well… improvise, adapt, and overcome.

As a result, we have seen an increase in the use of Virtual Reality by professional teams and athletes. Likewise, we’ve seen an increase in wearable fitness devices and fitness applications. Most athletes nowadays  have an app on their phone to track metrics on their progress.

The move toward digitalization of sports is so strong that the International Olympics Committee recently announced that they will create the Olympic Virtual Series: “the first-ever, Olympic-licensed event for physical and non-physical virtual sports.” The OVS will take place for the first time this year! It will take place May 13  through June 23.

“The Olympic Virtual Series will mobilise virtual sport, esports and gaming enthusiasts all around the world in order to reach new Olympic audiences, while also encouraging the development of physical and non-physical forms of sports in line with the recommendations of the IOC’s Olympic Agenda 2020+5.” (International Olympic Committee, 2021)

Radovan Francisty
Managing Partner

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