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InteractiveSQUASH transforms any squash court into a smart court.

It tracks every players’ move and shot, meaning that you can play any sort of game and/or training module on a massive virtual environment with a real racquet and a real ball. This is a court you’ve never experienced before!

interactive squash

Hardware Elements

interactiveSQUASH is an all-in-one upgrade package which can be installed on any existing squash court within 48 hours.

Court Admin

The Court Admin provides interactiveSQUASH owners and operators with all the tools they need to make the most of their state-of-the-art courts. The concept is simple: access Court Admin online, log into your court, and control the court from the comfort of your computer.

interactive squash
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Games and
Training modules

interactiveSQUSAH training modules are designed to hone skills and techniques directly related to competitive squash, while our games are designed to be fun and engaging with multiple levels, bright graphics and sounds.

Your players are waiting out there, don’t miss the chance to get them on your court.

InteractiveSQUASH is more than an advanced training system for skilled and professional squash players. The platform covers the needs of the digital age: immersive gameplay, interactive sports experiences, easy access and suitable for all ages and skill levels – even in summer time.


Skilled Player

Invite advanced and professional player will spent more time with solo-training to refine specific skills and strategies.



Bring more amateurs and beginner to your court and increase the bookings of training sessions for kids and adults.


Fitness enthusiasts

Make your court more attractive to athletes who are looking for an intense and fun workout.



Attract fun-orientated, open-minded audiences who are looking for new things to try out in their leisure time.


School cooperation

Enlive your court in times of less use, such as early morning and create awareness and reputation.


Kids B-Day Parties

Turn your court into a digital playground and provide children and their parents a joyful afternoon.

InteractiveSQUASH Training

interactiveSQUASH is the most sophisticated digital training system for racket sports on the market. Training modules which have been designed in consultation with professional coaches and professional players can test movements and skills specifically related to competitive play.


We offer individual solutions for your corporate and private project

Join the

The interactiveSQUASH App unlocks the best features of the system. Control the court, track your personal statistics, compete worldwide, and get the latest news and updates. Download for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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khan jahangir
Perry Sarah Jane
ali farag
Rösner Simon
Moxham Shaun
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interactiveSQUASH is the best change that came to the sport of squash in the last 30 years.

Jahangir Khan
6x Squash World Champion

interactiveSQUASH is fantastic, particularly for getting children to enjoy our wonderful sport from the moment they step on court by engaging them in fun games which provide real time rewards. The possibilities for training at professional level are endless and the instant feedback and stats simply can't be attained any other way.

Sarah-Jane Perry
Pro Squash Player
World Rank No. 6.

Data analytics provided by interactiveSQUASH at PSA SquashTV tournaments is without a doubt a big step for our game. It enables pros to get access to their movements and shots on court, using them afterwards to improve our training.

Ali Farag
Pro Squash Player
World Rank No. 1

It is amazing to see new kids in the Paderborner Squash Club playing thanks to the interactive system. interactiveSQUASH is the future to bring the people into our lovely sport.

Simon Rösner
Former Squash Pro

interactiveSQUASH is without doubt the best coaching tool ever produced. It is only limited by our own imagination as coaches. It is a real game changer!

Shaun Moxham
Squash Coach
MSquash Academy

We have been offering children's birthdays for a long time, but since we installed interactiveSQUASH, the slots have literally been booked on their own. We receive many new bookings and requests through recommendations from parents who are very happy with the positive experiences and fun of their children.

Frank Weber

InteractiveSQUASH is what will take our sport to the next level. During the PSA World Championships in Chicago both the crowd and we as players loved it. With this new technology only the sky is the limit! It could help so much, in particular with kids to let them improve in a fun and innovative way, and to motivate those who don't play to step on court and try. The future is finally here.

Raneem El Weilily
Former Squash Pro

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