Corporate Values: What does STL SOLUTIONS value?

The most fundamental goal of every company is making profit; there is no doubt about that. Nevertheless, most business leaders will agree that this goal is only one of many. These other goals really determine what kind of company you are: Do you focus on maximizing revenue at the expense of everything else? Do you focus on producing cool new products? Do you strive to be a market leader? What do you value most?

At STL SOLUTIONS, we want to be drivers of positive change.

Our mission is to be one of the leading providers of sports and technology and help millions of people grow better every day. Using a portfolio of the most innovative brands to differentiate our content, services and projects, we seek to promote physically, mentally and socially healthy lifestyle.

How do we want to do it? Here’s what the members of our team had to say & what they value:

Matúš Horák: "Be better than yesterday"

SportsTech value: be better than yesterday

It’s important to remember that one bad hour does not have to ruin a whole day, one bad day does not have to ruin a whole week, one bad week does not have to ruin a whole month.

Every new hour, every new day, every new week is an opportunity to make just a little bit of progress. The small progressions that we make eventually add up to substantial personal growth, a healthy lifestyle, and many successes.

This is where good habits come into play. Every day, train your willpower and discipline, and push yourself to develop habits that make you better. Eventually, it will become easy for you to do effortlessly what others cannot get themselves to do even with much effort.

Miriam Repáčiková: "Inspire others"

There is nothing more rewarding than helping others, in a very selfish and selfless way. Unless you take it to an extreme, when you are helping others, you are helping yourself too: you might be learning something new, giving yourself a purpose, establishing strong connections, or much more.

For example, when you help your friends get better, you are also building a safe and healthy community around you. When you help your employees or coworkers prosper, you are also increasing the productivity of the company. When you help your customers, you are also establishing brand loyalty.

All that said, don’t just help others when or because they can help you. Help others because you want to build a better world.

SportsTech value: inspire others

Radovan Francisty: "Build a community"

build a community

Many societies are growing individualistic. On one hand, this is amazing: you are a free, independent unit. On the other hand, it is a bit disheartening to see communities shrink and our social bonds growing weaker. As a result, we are not as supportive of other’s successes, we engage in unhealthy competitions, and we feel lonely despite large numbers of Facebook & Instagram friends & followers.

A wholesome community can create a safe and encouraging space for everyone to be their best and for more success stories to pop up.

Peter Stadler: "Value your health"

Chances are, you’re  juggling at least four of these: school, work, extracurricular activities, sports and hobbies, friends and family, chores, administrative and legal responsibilities,  just to name a few. For some of you, this might be the bare minimum. For others, it might be too much.

In any case, however much you have on your plate right now, remember that you can only accomplish as much as your health allows you. Even the simplest tasks can seem impossible when your physical or mental health wavers.

Taking care of your health means exercising regularly, spending time in nature, getting a good night’s sleep, and eating a balanced diet. It also means being able to take a break, say no, and take time to understand yourself.

SportsTech value: prioritize health

Martin Caňo: "Embrace commitment"

SportsTech value: don't be afraid of commitment

Commitment issues are growing. Younger generations fear long-term relationships, don’t want to get married, keep switching interests and jobs; western societies (particularly political systems with short election cycles) have a hard time committing to, much less accomplishing, long-term goals; a lot of people will not commit to environmental initiatives simply because they will not live to see their outcomes. If they don’t see the value immediately, they don’t want to commit.

Commitment is difficult, especially when it requires effort and patience, but it does pay off.



Emma Ružička: "Have fun"

Smiling is technically an exercise, so smiling regularly will play a big part in improving your mental and physical health.

Don’t believe me?

Scientists actually found that smiling helps release cortisol and endorphins, hormones which help regulate our stress, pain, immune system, endurance, and blood pressure. If that wasn’t enough, it also makes you look cute 😀

The point being, smile when you can & have fun when you can. Yes, that means having fun at work, too!

don't forget to have fun

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